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Our Friendly Services

Our pharmacy team is dedicated to meet your healtcare needs. You can depend on our Fast,Reliable & Personal services.

  • FREE Prescription Pick up & Delivery.
  • Easy Rx Transfers.
  • Prescription Compounding Services- We custom compound medications for Humans and Pets.
  • Get Speciality Care Now Locally* - We now offer medication services for complex medical conditions. such as MS,Cancer,Crohn's,Rheumatoid Arthritis,HIV,Hep C ,Ulcerative colitis,Psoriasis and Behavioral Health .
  • We do Custom Blister packing to improve your Medication Compliance at no cost to you. ( Check out the video below for details )
  • Med Sync- Our pharmacy offers to help syncronize your medication refillls, so you can pick up all your meds on one single visit per month.
  • CVS/Caremark ,Express Scripts,Tricare,Medicare D,Medicaid HMO and All major insurance plans are accepted.
  • FSA/HSA cards are accepted.
  • Quick help to Auto accident & Workers Compensation clients for their immediate medication needs.
  • Prescription Discount Club program for uninsured.
  • Offer competitive pricing and helps with manufacturer assistance programs.
  • Full line of Home Health & Durable Medical equipment.
  • Compression Stockings & MUELLER line of Sport Aids
  • Nature's Truth - Full line of Vitamines, Nutritional supplemetns & Essential oils.
  • Preventative Vaccinations on site and in the community .
  • Leaning Tree Greeting Cards
  • Play NJ Lottery 
  • Notary & Stamps.
  • Daily Discounts for Seniors & Military

About Us

Need Help Managing Your Meds? OR choosing a Right Prescription Plan ?

We are locally owned and we love our customers.Call Our Friendly Pharmacy Team Today For an Easy Solution. 

We have a safe and convenient medication packaging solution that can help with compliance

Our Pharmacy Can Customize & fill your Meds in Blister packs ( Eliminates the need to create your own pill box, Detachable individual dose packs to take on the go & Serves up to 4 different dosage times a day )

Minimize Your Wait Time in the Pharmacy

We carry hard to find medications and fill your prescriptions in Minutes while you waiting.If you prefer we can also deliver your meds FREE to your home.


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